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"Let's discover Kostrenka again. The place where traditional, homemade food is simply better."

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Kostrenkawhere home-made food tastes better

Love really enters through the mouth ...

... we are here to show you all that and in a best possible way. Our team has been changed, consolidated with new energy, we have prepared for you menus to lick your fingers and we focused on a unique, best, homemade food that is being prepared by us.


Domaći brudet

Highlighted for You

Home made fish broth

Homemade meals Enjoy the traditional flavors

  • Home made fish broth with sidedish

    75 kn
  • Sardines with potato salad

    60 kn
  • Shrimps buzara 1kg

    350 kn
  • Mussels buzara

    60 kn

Pizza s tijetom od konoplje

Highlighted for You

From 40 kn

Highlighted Pizza - traditional or with hemp dough

  • Margherita

    40/50 kn
  • Calzone

    60/70 kn
  • Tartuf

    85/95 kn
  • Biftek

    90/100 kn
  • Stella di buffalla

    97/107 kn
  • Bresaola

    93/103 kn
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MenuWhat have we prepared for you

ZA POČETAK / Starters / Per iniziare

Pršut - 100 gr
Smoked ham / Prosciutto 70 kn
Domaći sir - 100 gr
Homemade cheese / Formaggio di casa50 kn
Sir tartufi
Cheese with chopped truffles / Formaggio al tartufo 70 kn
Marinirani inćuni
Marinated anchovies / Acciughe marinate 55 kn
Salata od hobotnice
Octopus salad / Insalata di polpo 70 kn
Sir odležan u teranu
Cheese maturated in teran / Formaggio stagionato in terrano 70 kn
Istarski tanjur mesa - 200 gr
Istrian meat plate / Piatto di carne istriano 100 kn
Tuna carpaccio/beef steak/salomon / Tonno carpaccio/bistecca/salmone 85 kn
90 kn
CAPESANTE (4 komada)
Capesante / Capesante 100 kn

PAŠTE & RIŽOTI / Pasta & Risotto / Pasta & Risotti

Janjeći žgvacet sa šurlicama
Lamb stew wwith šurlice (istrian pasta) / Stufato di agnello con šurlice 65 kn
Pašta bolognese
Pasta bolognese / Pata alla bolognese 60 kn
Pašta carbonara
Pasta carbonara / Pasta alla carbonara 55 kn
Zelena pašta plodovi mora
Seafood green pasta / Pasta verde ai frutti di mare 75 kn
Rižoto jadranske kozice i tikvice
Shrimps and marrows risotto / Risotto con scampi e zucchini 90 kn
Crni rižoto sa sipom
Cuttlefish black risotto / Risotto di seppia nero 75 kn
Njoki s 4 vrste sira
4 cheese gnocchi / Gnocchi ai 4 formaggi 60 kn
Rižoto "Kostrenka"
Risotto "Kostrenka"/ Risotti "Kostrenka" 90 kn
Pašta vongole
Pasta with clams / Pasta alle vongole 70 kn

LESKOVAČKI PROGRAM / Barbecue from Leskovac / Barbecue da Leskovac

Ćevapi s prilogom
Ćevapi with side dish / Ćevapi con contorno 55 kn
Pljeskavica sa sirom i prilogom
Pljeskavica with cheese with side dish / Pljeskavica ripiena di formaggio e contorno 65 kn
Gurmanska pljeskavica s prilogom
Pljeskavica with bacon and cheese with side dish / Pljeskavica ripiena di formaggio e pancetta con contorno 70 kn
Uštipci s prilogom
Meatballs with side dish / Uštipci con contorno 75 kn
Svinjski ražnjići s prilogom
Pork skewers with side dish / Spiedini di maiale con contorno 58 kn
Bijela vješalica s prilogom
Pork fillet with side dish / Cotoletta di maiale con contorno 90 kn
Punjeni pileći batak s prilogom
Stuffed chicken drumsticks with side dish / Coscia di pollo ripiena con contorno 90 kn
Leskovačka pljeskavica s prilogom
Leskovac pljeskavica with side dish / Pljeskavica da Leskovac con contorno 70 kn
Đevrek s prilogom
Đevrek with side dish / Đevrek con contorno 75 kn
Veliki leskovački voz (za 5 osoba)
Meat platter for 5 persons / Carne misto per 5 personi550 kn
40 kn

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Saturday - Sunday 09:00-23:00

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